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Our Story 

Jess W. Rousey  1933 - 2020

The Jess Rousey Honoring Heroes Foundation, Inc. was founded by Samantha Rousey Glass in 2021 in memory of her late father, Jess Rousey.  Samantha could think of no better avenue to honor her biggest hero, her dad, than by establishing this nonprofit foundation as a lasting legacy to honor his memory while following her passion for supporting our local first responder heroes. 

Our Team


Foundation Chair Samantha Rousey Glass
Citizen of the Year  &
Spotlight Award Recipient 
Cobb County Police Department

 Our Board of Directors is an amazing team of individuals made up of both public safety and private citizens, all of whom work on a strictly volunteer basis. 

Our team of volunteers can sign up to either assist the organization on a full-time basis and/or by the event. 
Our partners and sponsors are individuals and businesses who have pledged funding to support the efforts of the organization and/or various fundraising events. 
Our donors are individuals who have donated any amount of funding towards the efforts of the organization. 
We appreciate the generosity and support of everyone listed above.  We could not do the valuable work that we do without you!

Our Mission 

The Jess Rousey Honoring Heroes Foundation, Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed to provide advocacy, support, and appreciation opportunities that honor local heroes who protect and serve our communities through their dedication to public safety. Our team is made up of all volunteers whose mission is to serve and support first responders while facilitating the strengthening of relationships between the community and public safety with an emphasis on law enforcement support and appreciation.


Jess and Samantha Rousey 

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