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Our Story 

Jess W. Rousey  1933 - 2020

The Jess Rousey Honoring Heroes Foundation, Inc. was established in 2021 by Samantha Rousey Glass in her father's memory as a lasting legacy to the light that can outshine the darkness of grief.  Samantha could think of no better avenue to honor her biggest hero, her dad. This nonprofit foundation is a testament to her dedication to honor his memory and our passion for supporting our local first responder heroes

Our Vision

At the Jess Rousey Honoring Heroes Foundation a big part of our mission is to find and address where the needs of our heroes and their agencies are.  

We are proud to have expanded our reach from just one county when we started in 2021 to now serving multiple counties in the greater northwest Georgia area. As we identify and address where needs are, we are committed to continue to grow to meet those needs.  Currently our organization serves agencies in and around Cobb, Paulding, Haralson, Cherokee and Polk Counties including city agencies located within and near those counties. We strive to help as many heroes as possible.

Of course as we continue to grow and expand our reach to serve even more heroes we need your help more than ever. Please consider becoming a sponsor or donor. We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law under IRS Section170.


Proudly Serving 

and Beyond

Our Team


Our organization is comprised of an amazing team of individuals all of whom work on a strictly volunteer basis. 

Our board of directors is the managing arm of our foundation and is made up of both public safety and private citizens who are dedicated to many areas of responsibility including internal operations and event organization.  While our advisory board consists of advisors from several of the agencies we serve. These advisors provide input and help us to better understand and identify where needs are and how we can fulfill our mission of assisting and supporting our heroes and their agencies.  

Our ambassador team are individuals who have made a commitment to assist with volunteer responsibilities while representing our foundation within the communities we serve.

Volunteers can sign up to either assist the organization on a full-time basis and/or by the event. If you are interested in joining us you can find more information below. 
Our partners and sponsors are individuals and businesses who have pledged funding to support the efforts of the organization and/or various fundraising events.  While our donors are individuals who have donated any amount of funding towards the overall efforts of the organization. 
We appreciate the generosity and support of everyone listed above.  All of you make our team whole and we could not do the valuable work that we do without you!

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